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Place Live Jazz Content on Your Website, Blog or Bulletin Board

AAJ live content boxes can help you build traffic and keep your visitors coming back for more.

Place any or all of these free content widgets on your website:

Articles Birthdays CD Reviews
MP3 Download of the Day News Upcoming Releases

What is AAJ Live Content?
AAJ Live Content are dynamically updated information boxes that are pushed from AllAboutJazz.com to a user's website. If you know how to copy & paste, you can place daily jazz content on your site in a matter of minutes. This example shows the content boxes on a single page.

How do I place AAJ Live Content on my website?
For the MP3 Download of the Day box, click here.

Adding an article, birthday, cd review and release schedule content box to your website is simple, but it does require some knowledge of HTML. To get started, click one of the live content links above, then follow the instructions. Once the code is copied to your web page, upload the page, and you're done. AAJ will then automatically update your content once every 15 minutes, once an hour, or once a day.

What are the benefits of using AAJ Live Content?
If you want to build "stickyness", then you need to frequently update your website. AAJ can help by providing new content in the form of daily downloads, daily news, articles, cd reviews and upcoming releases. AAJ Live Content gives your readers a reason to come back.

Who should use AAJ Live Content?
If you're looking to retain visitors, the answer is you. Musicians, bloggers, radio stations, venues, festivals, general purpose sites, fan sites, record stores, publicists... everyone can benefit.

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Daily Download Box Example

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