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Whether you're looking to promote an event, promote an album release, promote a line of musical instruments, build brand awareness, or drive traffic, All About Jazz and Jazz Near You have developed modern, results-oriented and trackable solutions including advertising, data entry, graphic design, and career support services. Explore our many options below or jump straight to our order page.

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Website Banners and eblast Sponsorships

Leverage the All About Jazz / Jazz Near You platform to reach our vast network of jazz fans and industry professionals.

Big Bopper

The big bopper is a fixed location, persistent display ad, sized at a whopping 2,000 pixels wide by 600 pixels high. It anchors every All About Jazz and Jazz Near You page the first week and all All About Jazz forum pages the second week. View this sample ad. $500.

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Jazz Near You e-blast sponsorship

Have an event or album to promote? Sponsor a weekly Jazz Near You eblast and reach concert goers in your area or consumers worldwide. Rates vary by city and are available on our order form. We'll include your 728x90 pixel banner along with hotlinked text.

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Big Bopper / Eblast Combination

Combine the Big Bopper and a run of site Jazz Near You eblast sponsorship (reaching 130,000 subscribers) and generate high volume click throughs. A tremendous bargain at $900. Coming in November.

Web Banners

We offer the medium rectangle, leaderboard, and half page banner ads. Advertisers can purchase any unit combination. Ads are sold by the week and can target local, national or international readers. $300-$750.

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Promotional Content Services


Showcase is multi-feature opportunity to promote artist discovery, facilitate music sales, and drive social traffic. In addition to promoting yourself and your music on every page, the Showcase package includes the following: Video of the Day, Take Five Q&A, one Spotlight ad, and a musician profile update. $330 for one month.

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Event Spotlight

Spotlight gives an advertised event prime placement on the Jazz Near You home page, on the Jazz Near You calendar page, and in the Jazz Near You eblast. A spotlight event also receives list placement within the Jazz Near you app. It's $40/event, and we suggest placing your order 2-4 weeks prior to your event date.

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Video of the Day

Feature your video on All About Jazz and Jazz Near You for a full day. We'll also feature it on our Facebook and Twitter pages. $100 includes feature and archive.

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Soundcloud Player of the Week

Feature your Soundcloud player for a full week on the All About Jazz home page and generate thousands of player openings. Includes social posting. $300/week.

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Take Five Q&A

Expect thousands of page views when we feature your self-directed interview on our home page, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. $25/article.

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Amazon Store Widget Sponsorship

Your store box appears on every page and gives readers immediate access to your albums sold at Amazon. $100/week.

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Distribution, Data Entry, Creative and Career Services

Press Release Distribution

Amplify your message and create buzz by leveraging All About Jazz's extensive readership, searchable archive, and optimal search engine placement. $10/press release posting.

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Musician Profile Maintenance

Musician? We'll update your All About Jazz musician profile by adding your biography, links, videos, an audio player, your latest release, photos, and up to three discography records. $30/profile update.

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Banner Design

We can design any of the four banner types (Big Bopper, 728x90 pixel, 300x250 pixel, and 300x600 pixel) according to your specifications. $150/banner.

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Jazz Near You Event Data Entry

An All About Jazz data entry specialist is ready to help musicians and presenters add their events to the Jazz Near You calendar. $5/event entered.

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Bandcamp Store

We'll build your Bandcamp store, including up to three releases, descriptive text, your biography, artwork, and meta information to enhance search results. We'll set up your music for digital sales and much more. $200.

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SoundCloud Page and Player

We'll build your SoundCloud page, including descriptive text, your biography, artwork, meta information, and we'll create a player with up to twelve tracks or however many tracks are on a single album release. $150.

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