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Upload Your Events to All About Jazz and Jazz Near You

By Published: May 9, 2012
Musicians, presenters, agencies, venues and festivals can upload upcoming events to the Jazz Near You / All About Jazz calendar from a .csv file.

How to upload your events
  • Go to this public Google page
  • Click File >> Make a copy. Leave "Share it with the same people" unchecked.
  • Delete the sample event information.
  • Enter your event information.
  • Click File >> Download as >> Comma Separated Values (*.csv, current sheet).
  • Upload the .csv file to Jazz Near You.

  • More Tips

    If an event is associated with a festival, include the festival name, otherwise, leave it blank.

    All venue and festival names must match exactly how they are listed at Jazz Near You. To check a venue or festival name, go to Jazz Near You and click the "Venues" or the "Festivals/Series" menu item.

    You can use the bandleader's name as the "Title" and you should repeat his/her name in the "Participating musicians" section. Use full names (and do not include their instruments).


    Can I update my events once I upload them?

    Yes. Just click the "Update or Delete Show" link on the event's detail page.

    Where will my events be shown once I upload them?

    At All About Jazz, on a musician profile page and in a "Related" (musician information) box that appears on several pages throughout the website. At the Jazz Near You website, in the Jazz Near You weekly email announcement, in the Jazz Near You iPhone app, in the Jazz Near You widget and in the Jazz Near You RSS feed.

    What's a CSV file?

    "CSV" means "Comma Separated Values." And a csv file is a plain text file where each row consists of fields that are separated by commas. Learn more about csv files at Wikipedia.

    Where do I upload my events?

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