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Jim Snidero: A Tale Of Taste

By Published: July 8, 2013
While artists are typically enthusiastic about their work as it reaches the marketplace, Snidero's positive response to this record isn't just another case of artist-driven hyperbole. He says, "I really think that Stream Of Consciousness is my best record [to date]. There's a nice flow on the record. It just feels like all of these songs are supposed to be there," and it's hard to argue with that; the critical response to this album has largely echoed these thoughts, giving him more reasons to be pleased.

Snidero's efforts to defy convention also managed to seep into his educational work in 2013. He launched The Jazz Conception Company, which explores a new frontier in the technology-meets-education world. He merged the idea of video lessons, play-alongs, lectures, blackboard learning and more, and made it all into a downloadable format, as part of a take-it-anywhere iPad App. Snidero comments on this venture: "I saw the potential of the technology and how it could be used. It can really make for a richer educational experience. I realized that you could create this multimedia platform that, if used in the proper way, can really bring clarity to a lot of aspects of the music all at once. When you're looking at someone playing, that in itself is pretty powerful. But then, you're also able to switch back and forth and have the functionality where you can go to the music, and keep watching, and keep listening; this kind of interactive functionality is really seamless. It really is an innovative app. The web-based system works just as well. It's a little less sophisticated, but it still works really well. The app is really amazing. It's very fast, and it's very smooth. And of course, after the initial download, you're not tethered to the internet. When I realized that, I thought that this is something that I've really got to explore. It's got the potential to bring tremendous content to anybody in the world that's got a credit card and wants to subscribe to it for a year. Yes, they have to have an iPad if they don't want to be tethered to the internet, but I think that that's absolutely the way of the future, and if you have an iPad, you can study this thing anytime, anywhere. I think it's way ahead of the curve in that way."

Snidero embraces all that technology has to offer in music education and, while he's quick to explain that this model is different from other trending forms of jazz learning, he still feels that other models have their value. When asked about Skype lessons as a comparative form of learning, Snidero comments, "Skype lessons are good; any kind of lessons are good, but I really wanted to present a course. It's not like three or four lessons. If you're talking about the jazz improvisation course, it can last. It's sequential and it makes sense sequentially. Each lesson builds on the lesson before, and somebody has an entire year to absorb all of this information."

Snidero's varied ventures mark him as one of the few, true, three- hundred-and-sixty degree jazz men, working at every aspect of the music from education to performance to business and beyond. Over the course of the last several decades, the student has truly become the master; Jim Snidero has gone from advice-taker to taste-maker.

Selected Discography

Jim Snidero, Stream of Consciousness (Savant, 2013)

Jim Snidero, Tippin' (Savant, 2007)

Jim Snidero, Strings (Milestone, 2002)

Jim Snidero, The Music of Joe Henderson (Double-Time, 1999)

Jim Snidero, Standards Plus (Double-Time, 1997)

Jim Snidero, Storm Rising (Ken Music, 1990)

Jim Snidero, Blue Afternoon (Criss Cross, 1989)

Jim Snidero, Mixed Bag (Criss Cross, 1987)

Jim Snidero, On Time (Toshiba EMI, 1984)

Photo Credit John Abbott

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