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Jazz Quanta February – Girl Power: Laura Perlman, Esperanza Spaulding, Susie Arioli, Roisin O

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Laura Perlman Precious Moments Miles High Records 2015 A cancer survivor who has worked in the periphery of the music-movie industry, vocalist Laura Perlman finally steps up and sets her spear in the sand with the suave and smoothly considered Previous Moments. An alto with a sure tempos feel and excellent taste in side musicians, Perlman expresses her gratitude for her good fortune with an even ten familiar standards that are taken ...


Jazz Quanta January: Chris Kelsey and Tomas R. Einarsson

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There are two jazz traditions represented in Jazz Quant January, the freedom principle of saxophonist Christ Kelsey and cool complexity of Latin jazz by way of Icelander bassist Tomas R. Einarsson. Two traditions transplanted and allowed to flourish. Chris Kelsey Duets | NYC / Woodstock Tzazz Krytyk 2015 What happens with free jazz stalwarts saxophonist Chris Kelsey meets one Dom Minasi, the guitarist of the future past? A freedom ...


Notable and Nearly Missed 2015

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John Petrucelli Quintet--The Way (Self Produced, 2014). New Jersey-native saxophonist John Petrucelli is an ambitious young man releasing his debut recording, The Way, as a two-CD set. The eleven selections presented are divided roughly in half, original compositions to standards. Petrucelli's quintet contains both a guitar and piano as harmony instruments, providing a fully-realized foundation for this performance. Thelonious Monk's “Gallop's Gallop" is a circuitous case in point. The complexity of the piece is muted by the mastery with which ...


Christmas 2015 V: A Concord Christmas – David Benoit, Jane Monheit and the Count Basie Orchestra

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Well, it ain't over 'til it's over...The Concord Music Group issued two notable Holiday releases. The David Benoit Trio with Jane Monheit and the All American Boys Chorus Believe Concord 2015 What Believe is, is a slick updating of Vince Guraladi's A Charlie Brown Christmas (Fantasy, 1965), which celebrates its Golden Anniversary this year. There is good, as well as bad, in that statement. The newly-minted holiday compositions “Believe" and ...


Christmas 2015 IV: (Almost) Christmas

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While there is a Holiday Music Canon, there are always pieces of music that lie just outside the periphery of definition. That, and I like to be liberal in what I consider holiday fare. Here are the stragglers this year, just making in beneath the wire. Winchester Cathedral Choir, Martin Neary Christmas Pentatone 1973/2013 This recording of carols is special as it was originally recorded in 1973, intended for playback ...


Christmas 2015 VI: A Gospel Afterthought

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This article is less a holiday piece than a generally informative one. As Christmas is often lost in the Holiday, it is worthwhile to consider the story that started everything traditionally. There has been a renewed interest in Gospel music that has been typified in a number of recent and not-so-recent releases. These are worth consideration as a sustained part of our national and cultural fabric. Various Artists Anthology of American Folk Music Edited by Harry ...


Christmas 2015 III: All That Jazz

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Barbara Dennerlein Christmas Soul MPS Records 2015 Christmas Soul is a swinging little jazz party fueled by Barbara Dennerlein's Hammond B3. Now, if the listener is expecting some Jimmy Smith smoky grease or Larry Young radioactivity, you will be disappointed. Dennerlein is known for using rare analog effects pedals for chorus, vibrato, and reverb together with a percussion register conceived in the mid-1930s. The result is an organ that sounds very organic. ...


Christmas 2015 II: Classical

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A “Classical Christmas?" Here is... Vienna Boys Choir Merry Christmas from Vienna Deutsche Grammophon 2015 As iconic is the Vienna Boys Choir, it is hard to believe that they do not release a holiday offering each year. Groups like Mannheim Steamroller and Trans Siberian Orchestra have made a cottage industry out of Christmas music. It is banal and sterile, technique over emotion. At least we can count on the Vienna ...

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