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Steven Wilson: Transience & 4 1/2

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He is undeniably one of the hardest working men in music. In addition to ongoing work as surround sound and new stereo remixer for bands including King Crimson, Yes, Jethro Tull, XTC, Hawkwind, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Tears for Fears, Simple Minds, Roxy Music and Caravan, with more groups being added on a regular basis, Steven Wilson has, since 2009--when he placed his flagship group Porcupine Tree on indefinite hiatus--built a solo career that has grown at a remarkable rate ...


Warren Haynes: Ashes & Dust Deluxe Edition & Bonus CD

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It's a left-handed compliment of no small proprtion to state guitarist/composers Warren Haynes' Ashes & Dust (Concord Records, 2015) album only scratches the surface of his recent solo endeavors in the studio and on the stage. Certainly, the erstwhile Allman Brother and titular leader of Gov't Mule has done more than his share of musical exploration during the course of his career, yet he's never delved into the acoustic-based likes of his self-produced record with Railroad Earth This nouveau bluegrass/folk ...


The Many Sides of Mike Nock

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Throughout his career, the New Zealand-born pianist, Mike Nock, has explored many musical forms: fusion, modern jazz and classical music. You name it, and he has played it. At one time, he was even involved with the Naxos Jazz label as a producer and the music he helped bring to the world once again showed his diversity: big band projects, an organ combo and solo piano, just to name a few. However, there is one thing that unites the many ...


Intonema's Fifth Anniversary

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As it reaches the fifth anniversary of its first release, it seems a fitting time to reflect on how Intonema is progressing. Initially, the label attracted attention because it was based in St. Petersburg, on Russian soil, a novelty at the time. The early releases on the label featured Russian-based musicians, including the Intonema proprietors saxophonist Ilia Belorukov and bass guitarist Mikhail Ershov. Gradually the roster became more international, so that the third and fourth Intonema releases featured no Russian ...


Roger Waters: The Wall Live

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Roger Waters and Sean Evans Roger Waters the Wall Universal 2014 It is interesting how things from a distant past still resonate deeply with people even decades after they were first made and introduced. Pink Floyd's seminal album The Wall (EMI, 1979) was the pinnacle of this band's career, both artistically and commercially, arriving as a culmination after a decade of meteoric successes with one of the most successful recordings of ...


Three Treader releases conclude label’s first decade in fine style

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Since 2004 when Ashley Wales and John Coxon--collectively known as Spring Heel Jack (SHJ)--set up Treader records and released its first three CD's, the label has enjoyed a reputation for high quality music and distinctive packaging. Following Spring Heel Jack's switch from drum 'n' bass and jungle to free improvisation, they built up an impressive network of contacts with improvisers which they used to good effect with Treader. The label's roster reads like a Who's Who of improv: Evan Parker, ...


Cowboy: Reach for the Sky & 5'll Getcha Ten

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The one act on Phil Walden's Capricorn Records that did not sound at all like the Allman Brothers Band, Cowboy didn't just boast a down-to-earth charm all their own. This loose aggregation led by Scott Boyer and Tommy Talton predates the Americana genre by some four or five decades and functions without any of the self-conscious attention to roots of much contemporary work in the somewhat contrived genre. With the emphasis Cowboy placed on vocal harmonies, it begs credulity they ...


Jeff Beck Group: Rough and Ready & Jeff Beck Group a/k/a 'The Orange Album'

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The early phases of iconic British guitarist Jeff Beck's solo career proceeded in fits and starts, due in no small part to his admittedly temperamental nature, but also via twists of fate that, in fairly quick succession, stymied his progress then accelerated it proportionately. The original Jeff Beck Group, including vocalist Rod Stewart, bassist Ronnie Wood, drummer Mick Waller and, in later stages, pianist extraordinaire Nicky Hopkins, might've established a breakthrough at their appearance at the Woodstock Festival in 1969 ...

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