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Mark Sullivan Mark Sullivan
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Maxim Micheliov Maxim Micheliov
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Michael Ricci Michael Ricci
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Mr. P.C. Mr. P.C.
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Since 2004
Troy Collins Troy Collins
Since 2006
Victor L. Schermer Victor L. Schermer
Since 2000

We've reviewed 1962 albums in 2014

Dan Bilawsky Contact 180 reviews
Eyal Hareuveni Contact 151 reviews
Glenn Astarita Contact 102 reviews
Bruce Lindsay Contact 89 reviews
Jack Bowers Contact 84 reviews
John Kelman Contact 80 reviews
Alberto Bazzurro Contact 78 reviews
C. Michael Bailey Contact 69 reviews
Vincenzo Roggero Contact 68 reviews
Mark Corroto Contact 67 reviews
Ian Patterson Contact 59 reviews
Dan McClenaghan Contact 51 reviews
Edward Blanco Contact 50 reviews
Hrayr Attarian Contact 50 reviews
Angelo Leonardi Contact 44 reviews
Dave Wayne Contact 42 reviews
Neri Pollastri Contact 40 reviews
John Sharpe Contact 39 reviews
Karl Ackermann Contact 37 reviews
Jakob Baekgaard Contact 33 reviews
Chris M. Slawecki Contact 30 reviews
John Eyles Contact 29 reviews
Maurizio Zerbo Contact 28 reviews
Phil Barnes Contact 27 reviews
Mark F. Turner Contact 23 reviews
Enrico Bettinello Contact 23 reviews
Doug Collette Contact 23 reviews
Chris Mosey Contact 20 reviews
Geannine Reid Contact 20 reviews
Troy Collins Contact 19 reviews
Luigi Sforza Contact 17 reviews
Roger Farbey Contact 15 reviews
Nenad Georgievski Contact 14 reviews
Libero Farnè Contact 13 reviews
Giuseppe Segala Contact 12 reviews
Vic Albani Contact 11 reviews
Nicholas F. Mondello Contact 11 reviews
Victor L. Schermer Contact 11 reviews
John Ephland Contact 11 reviews
Jeff Winbush Contact 10 reviews
Robert Bush Contact 10 reviews
Marc Davis Contact 9 reviews
Budd Kopman Contact 9 reviews
Claudio Bonomi Contact 7 reviews
Dr. Judith Schlesinger Contact 7 reviews
Jeffrey Uhrich Contact 7 reviews
Gabriel Medina Arenas Contact 6 reviews
Ernest Barteldes Contact 6 reviews
C. Andrew Hovan Contact 6 reviews
Stefano Merighi Contact 5 reviews
Paul Naser Contact 5 reviews
Duncan Heining Contact 5 reviews
Maurizio Comandini Contact 5 reviews
Mario Calvitti Contact 5 reviews
Mike Perciaccante Contact 4 reviews
Luca Casarotti Contact 4 reviews
Carlo Wolff Contact 4 reviews
Andrew Luhn Contact 4 reviews
Paolo Peviani Contact 4 reviews
Fiona Ord-Shrimpton Contact 4 reviews
Florence Wetzel Contact 4 reviews
Sammy Stein Contact 4 reviews
Luca Muchetti Contact 3 reviews
Henning Bolte Contact 3 reviews
Steve Bryant Contact 3 reviews
Luca Canini Contact 3 reviews
Everett R. Davis Contact 3 reviews
Ben Scholz Contact 3 reviews
Mike Oppenheim Contact 3 reviews
Mehdi El Mouden Contact 3 reviews
Wade Luquet Contact 2 reviews
Richard J Salvucci Contact 2 reviews
Greg Simmons Contact 2 reviews
David Rickert Contact 2 reviews
Marta Ramon Contact 2 reviews
Anthony Shaw Contact 2 reviews
J Hunter Contact 1 reviews
Franz A. Matzner Contact 1 reviews
Alain Londes Contact 1 reviews
David A. Orthmann Contact 1 reviews
Matt Marshall Contact 1 reviews
Nigel Campbell Contact 1 reviews
Harry S. Pariser Contact 1 reviews
Frank Rubolino Contact 1 reviews
Daniel Lehner Contact 1 reviews
Peter McLaren Contact 1 reviews
Phillip Woolever Contact 1 reviews
Tyran Grillo Contact 1 reviews
Ken Hohman Contact 1 reviews
David Bittinger Contact 1 reviews
James Nadal Contact 1 reviews
DanMichael Reyes Contact 1 reviews
Larry Reni Thomas Contact 1 reviews
James Pearse Contact 1 reviews
Martin Longley Contact 1 reviews
Vince Lewis Contact 1 reviews
Jerry D'Souza Contact 1 reviews
Nathalie Tamara Freson Contact 1 reviews

We've published 730 articles in 2014

C. Michael Bailey Contact 40 articles
Mike Perciaccante Contact 36 articles
Ian Patterson Contact 35 articles
Victor L. Schermer Contact 24 articles
Martin Longley Contact 22 articles
Paolo Peviani Contact 22 articles
Neri Pollastri Contact 21 articles
Marc Davis Contact 20 articles
Patricia Myers Contact 19 articles
Doug Collette Contact 18 articles
John Kelman Contact 18 articles
Vincenzo Roggero Contact 17 articles
Ernest Barteldes Contact 15 articles
Libero Farnè Contact 14 articles
R.J. DeLuke Contact 12 articles
Luca Canini Contact 12 articles
Harry S. Pariser Contact 11 articles
Mr. P.C. Contact 11 articles
Angelo Leonardi Contact 10 articles
Henning Bolte Contact 10 articles
Dan Bilawsky Contact 10 articles
C. Andrew Hovan Contact 10 articles
Nenad Georgievski Contact 10 articles
Sammy Stein Contact 9 articles
Geoff Anderson Contact 9 articles
Christine Connallon Contact 8 articles
Frank Rubolino Contact 7 articles
Maurizio Zerbo Contact 7 articles
Gloria Krolak Contact 6 articles
Adriana Carcu Contact 6 articles
William Ellis Contact 5 articles
Dom Minasi Contact 5 articles
Chris M. Slawecki Contact 5 articles
Hrayr Attarian Contact 5 articles
Bruce Lindsay Contact 5 articles
Robin Arends Contact 5 articles
Bill Leikam Contact 5 articles
Nick Catalano Contact 5 articles
Eyal Hareuveni Contact 5 articles
Michael Ricci Contact 5 articles
Fiona Ord-Shrimpton Contact 5 articles
DanMichael Reyes Contact 5 articles
Mehdi El Mouden Contact 4 articles
David A. Orthmann Contact 4 articles
Alberto Bazzurro Contact 4 articles
Maurizio Comandini Contact 4 articles
Jean-Pierre Goffin Contact 4 articles
K. Shackelford Contact 4 articles
Mort Weiss Contact 4 articles
Ben Scholz Contact 4 articles
Jakob Baekgaard Contact 4 articles
Giuseppe Segala Contact 3 articles
Claudio Bonomi Contact 3 articles
Phillip Woolever Contact 3 articles
Alan Bryson Contact 3 articles
Nicholas F. Mondello Contact 3 articles
Anthony Shaw Contact 3 articles
Gabriel Medina Arenas Contact 3 articles
Douglas Groothuis Contact 3 articles
Franz A. Matzner Contact 3 articles
Timothy J. O'Keefe Contact 3 articles
Jeff Winke Contact 3 articles
Paul Naser Contact 3 articles
Chris Rich Contact 3 articles
Mark Corroto Contact 3 articles
Joan Gannij Contact 3 articles
Mario Calvitti Contact 3 articles
Enrico Bettinello Contact 2 articles
John Sharpe Contact 2 articles
Richard J Salvucci Contact 2 articles
Mike Chamberlain Contact 2 articles
Daniel Lehner Contact 2 articles
Urszula Orczyk Contact 2 articles
Marta Ramon Contact 2 articles
Mark Holston Contact 2 articles
Tomas Pena Contact 2 articles
Mark F. Turner Contact 2 articles
Belinda Ware Contact 2 articles
Wade Luquet Contact 2 articles
Luigi Sforza Contact 2 articles
Chuck Koton Contact 2 articles
John Wesley Reed Jr. Contact 2 articles
Duncan Heining Contact 2 articles
Charles Gambetta Contact 1 articles
Bob Kenselaar Contact 1 articles
Nigel Campbell Contact 1 articles
Larry Jaffe Contact 1 articles
Dave Fabris Contact 1 articles
Rik Wright Contact 1 articles
Dan Papirany Contact 1 articles
David Tughan Contact 1 articles
Ron Kaplan Contact 1 articles
Dennis McNally Contact 1 articles
Tyran Grillo Contact 1 articles
Ray Clemens Contact 1 articles
Robert Bush Contact 1 articles
Matt Ridley Contact 1 articles
Mario Franco Contact 1 articles
David Bittinger Contact 1 articles
Kurt Gottschalk Contact 1 articles
Jon Carl O'Bergh Contact 1 articles
Lena Bloch Contact 1 articles
Carole Troll Contact 1 articles
Colin Harper Contact 1 articles
Mike Brannon Contact 1 articles
Joan Merrill Contact 1 articles
Tim Wolfe, Jr. Contact 1 articles
Thomas Conrad Contact 1 articles
Leslie Odom Jr. Contact 1 articles
Alex Franquelli Contact 1 articles
Jon Mapp Contact 1 articles
Mason Razavi Contact 1 articles
Billy Carrion Jr Contact 1 articles
Solomon J. LeFlore Contact 1 articles
Carl L. Hager Contact 1 articles
Melody McLaren Contact 1 articles
Mike McKoy Contact 1 articles
Mark Lempke Contact 1 articles
Greg Masters Contact 1 articles
Michael Bisio Contact 1 articles
Dr. Jack Cooper Contact 1 articles
Mike Oppenheim Contact 1 articles
Martin Uherek Contact 1 articles
Jeff Fitzgerald, Genius Contact 1 articles
Jack Bowers Contact 1 articles
Marcus A. Woelfle Contact 1 articles
Endre Huszar Contact 1 articles
Rob Adams Contact 1 articles
Rhenda Fearrington Contact 1 articles
Fred W. Gretsch Contact 1 articles
Zeno De Rossi Contact 1 articles
George Stavroulakis Contact 1 articles
Braxton Cook Contact 1 articles
Greg Nathan Contact 1 articles
George Colligan Contact 1 articles
Malonie Carre Contact 1 articles
Noah Peterson Contact 1 articles
Barbara Lusch Contact 1 articles
John Coltelli Contact 1 articles
Phil Barnes Contact 1 articles
Ariella Barton Contact 1 articles
Ken Franckling Contact 1 articles
Tracy Mothershed Contact 1 articles
Jack Gold-Molina Contact 1 articles
Marcin Olak Contact 1 articles
John Ephland Contact 1 articles
Dee Bell Contact 1 articles
Lucilla Chiodi Contact 1 articles
Kevin Ahart Contact 1 articles
Mark Egan Contact 1 articles
Josef Woodard Contact 1 articles
Delandria Mills Contact 1 articles
Andrea Caliò Contact 1 articles
Luca Casarotti Contact 1 articles
Charlie Peacock Contact 1 articles
Evan Shay Contact 1 articles
Dr. Judith Schlesinger Contact 1 articles
Mike Pope Contact 1 articles
Daniela Veronesi Contact 1 articles
Luca Vitali Contact 1 articles
Jason Fifield Contact 1 articles
Emilio Palanti Contact 1 articles
Ana Velinova Contact 1 articles
Karen Lane Contact 1 articles
Jonathan Curtis Contact 1 articles
Brian Charette Contact 1 articles
Tim Paul Weiner Contact 1 articles
Steve Bryant Contact 1 articles
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