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“Blade-ish” by Thomas Albaek Jakobsen

"Blade-ish" by Thomas Albaek Jakobsen

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Relationships ( by Thomas Albaek Jakobsen

Editor's Comments
Fellowship-y with some classical tells. Worthy of a few hundred replays. It's a grower.

"Blade-ish develops in a captivating way as saxophonist Ole Visby, guitarist Michael Møller Porsborg and pianist Johan Aaen interpret the melodic content as one tight unit, while Jakobsen's poignant drumming sketches the musical envelope." From the AAJ review by Eyal Hareuveni. Blade-ish is from the album Relationships by the Danish group FLUX, fronted by drummer and composer Thomas A. Jakobsen. More info about FLUX is found on

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