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“Canto de Ossanha” by Jonathan Kreisberg

"Canto de Ossanha" by Jonathan Kreisberg

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One (New for Now Music) by Jonathan Kreisberg

Editor's Comments
Kreisberg's take of Canto de Ossanha is an addictive one (originally a Baden Powell/Vinicius de Moraes tune with lyrics). A playful dance of shadow and light with a Brazilian/Gypsy inflection that steps between sinister and sweet.

In the words of Jonathan Kreisberg in an AAJ interview


"Respecting the traditional sound of the guitar, but finding new ideas, making it exciting. I didn't want it to be like another normal guitar record. So then I also bought a new beautiful acoustic guitar, a nice one from a small company, Indian Hill, and I really loved it. A weird, strange, sound from the acoustic guitar, it is almost between an acoustic and a gypsy guitar. And I used it for a couple of songs and I started using different guitars for different sounds. Everything without loops, I wanted everything to be one person playing. One: it's a simple idea that traps. So it's something you can hear, and that was the only rule: everything else could happen. The only rule was everything had to be one performance on one song."

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