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All About Jazz widgets can help you build and retain web traffic.

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What are All About Jazz Widgets?

All About Jazz Widgets are dynamically updated content boxes that are pushed from our website to your website or blog. If you know how to copy & paste, you can use our daily jazz content on your site in a matter of minutes. Check out how they appear at the Jazz Excursion website, the Montreal Jazz Festival website, the Barcelona Jazz Festival blog, or the AAJ News Blog.

How do I place All About Jazz Widgets on my website?

Adding our widgets to your website is simple, but it does require some knowledge of HTML. To get started, click one of the widget links above, then follow the instructions.

Once the code is copied to your web page, All About Jazz will automatically update your content once every 15 minutes, once an hour, or once a day.

What are the benefits of using All About Jazz Widgets?

Our widgets help build "stickyness" and give your readers a reason to come back.

Who should use All About Jazz Widgets?

Anyone with a jazz website or blog.