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Jack Bowers

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A former newspaper writer / editor who has been writing about big-band Jazz for more than fifteen years.

I never intended to be a writer, of Jazz or anything else. I wanted to be a sportscaster, and was in radio for more than five years until a June night in 1963 when the car I was driving was ambushed by another and I was almost totaled -- “almost” being the operative word. As a result of the accident I was left with a partially paralyzed tongue. So much for my radio career. Under the circumstances, I had few options. So a writer I became, spending more than thirty years (including about a dozen in sports) writing for and editing newspapers. As for Jazz reviewing, my work in that area started by chance when Bill Ashton, director of Great Britain's National Youth Jazz Orchestra, asked me for reasons unknown to review the band's latest CD for him. I couldn't refuse, submitted the appraisal to Cadence magazine, and my career as a reviewer was launched. That was in the mid-'90s. I retired from my “day job” in June '97 and joined All About Jazz early the next year. I was with Cadence for more than ten years, and reviewed for a time for Jazz Improv, Jazz News and other publications. I plan to continue writing until all the marbles have been scattered. Personally, I've been married twice with three children — Ken, Ford and Lisa — from the first marriage. Collectively, they have given me seven lovely grandchildren (and one great-grandchild, born on my birthday, May 10, 2011). My present wife, Betty, and I moved to Albuquerque in 2003. A lovely place to live (but don't tell anyone!).

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