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I'm an avid listener and collector of jazz and classical music, but mostly jazz. My taste in music varies from year to year, bouncing between straight ahead, improvisational, ethnic... whatever, really, and then back again.

I tend to hear something I like, then explore the music around it. For example, early in my listening days I picked up the CD Miles Davis and the Giants of Modern Jazz, with Monk, Milt, and the gang. Exploring the musicians just on that record led me back to Bird, the stride relationship between Monk and Ellington, and forward through Miles' associations to 'Trane.

That's the great thing about jazz. It's endlessly inventive, and it has clear historical threads that make it infinitely interesting.

Plus, it really swings!

My Favorites

  1. Karl Siegfried: Portrait of Jack Johnson
  2. Oscar Peterson with Roy Hargrove
  1. Duke Ellington: Meets Coleman Hawkins
  2. Thelonius Monk: Monk's Music
  3. Sonny Rollins:Way Out West
  4. ....but really, it would be a huge big box of CDs.

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