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John first fell under the spell of free jazz in the 1970s when he wistfully regarded the loft jazz scene from across the Atlantic

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I first fell under the spell of free jazz in the 1970s and I have remained captivated ever since. What free time my family and day job as an environmental campaigner doesn't take up is spent listening to as many of the latest releases as I can afford and attending as many concerts as possible.

My Favorites

  1. Barry Guy New Orchestra - Mad Dogs On The Loose
  2. Steve Swell - Kanreki: Reflection & Renewal
  3. Martin Kuchen/Johan Berthling/Steve Noble - Night In Europe
  4. Joe McPhee - Ticonderoga
  5. Barry Guy/Ken Vandermark - Occasional Poems
  6. Matthew Shipp Trio - The Conduct Of Jazz
  7. Martin Kuchen/Jon Rune Strom/Tollef Ostvang - Melted Snow
  8. Ken Vandermark - Nine Ways To Read A Bridge
  9. Mats Gustafsson - Hidros 6
  10. Rodrigo Amado/Joe McPhee - This Is Our Language
  1. Cecil Taylor - 3 Phasis
  2. Roy Campbell - Ethnic Stew And Brew
  3. Fred Anderson/ Kidd Jordan - 2 Days in April
  4. Thomas Borgmann - Stalker Songs
  5. William Parker - Peach Orchard
  6. Other Dimensions in Music - Live at the Sunset
  7. The Transcendentalists - Real Time Messengers
  8. Steve Swell - This Now!
  9. Jemeel Moondoc - New World Pygmies
  10. Bill Dixon - Vade Mecum II
  11. David S Ware - Cryptology
  12. Joe McPhee - The Dream Book
  13. Raphe Malik - 21st Century Texts
  14. Anthony Braxton - Creative Orchestra Music 1976
  15. Anthony Braxton/ Muhal Richard Abrams - Duets 1976

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