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After years of writing music related articles, Rex still wonders who has time to listen to all these cds?

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I worked a West LA classically oriented record store that lost its concise and definitve jazz section's buyer. Since the opera obsessives weren't interested, the job fell to me. My jazz experience amounted to a couple of Miles' albums from different periods, so I took $50 to the original Rhino Records and bought $1, $2, $3 LP's by names I'd heard mentioned, beginning a jazz education that continues today.

My Favorites

  1. Derf Reklaw-From the Nile
  2. Sun Ra-Languidity
  3. Ted Sirota-Resistance
  4. Jim McAuley-Gongfarmer 18
  1. John Coltrane-Interstellar Space
  2. John Fahey-Days Have Gone By
  3. Wlliam Parker-O'Neal's Porch

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