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Jeff Dayton-Johnson

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Home: Santa Cruz, CA

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Jeff Dayton-Johnson is a rapidly-aging economist and return migrant to California

Discovered at an early age to be a musical non-prodigy, I have settled for trying to listen intelligently. Early in high school I bought three LPs, in one trip to Tower Records: A Love Supreme, Kind of Blue, and a Billie Holiday collection called Lady Day (Teddy Wilson stuff from the 30s). That was all it took.

I teach economics and public policy at a small graduate school in Monterey, California. I also host the radio program “Now's the Time,” late-night music for people who like jazz--and not only jazz--on our Santa Cruz, Cal., NPR affiliate, KUSP 88.9 FM. (Listen to the most recent broadcast anytime you like with the Music Show Player at

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