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Poet, procrastinator unissued until now, in this deluxe edition on Blue Note.

My friend Bobby told me my writing addiction will never get me in trouble. Though I am a poet, my first dream was to be a jazz critic, ever since I first got into jazz at fourteen after reading an interview with Santana wherein he extolled the virtues of John Coltrane. I devoured the writings of Nat Hentoff, Ralph Gleason, and Valerie Wilmer. Periods followed where I junked out on nineties alternative and hip-hop--and concert new music, if you can call that junking out...A Mark Helias show at 55 bar in the Village to which my best friend Tom took me got me back into jazz. I also love sixties psychedelia, industrial and sound art. Recent but close friendship with President Mandel revived the latent reviewer spirit in me, and I've been rolling out the blues-based jazz barrel onto the page ever since. No trouble yet.

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