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For some reason I decided to help jazz years ago, I know, what an idiot.

Well I'm still at it. Now... what ever is a data gnome, you may rightly ask?

My real joy as a helper here is the data system and all the interesting chores it wants that most would find to be excruciating eye glaze.

One of my initial and ongoing realms is the Guides where I made a guide to Musical instrument stores that had me looking up every instrument store with a web presence in dozens of cities. It turned out to be a ball.

I get to watch the registration stream and kick out spammers, endlessly entertaining, and you should see my collection of the proxy IP's they use.

I test features and explain how they work to musicians and others who support the music with venues, radio shows, labels or what have you.

I sometimes do basic tech support, figure out ad revenue options and research that industry.

Lately I've been working on profiles and evangelizing about them to any hapless soul trapped by my mighty wind. I also discovered a way to help labels by a kind of page rank piggy backing. I live and breathe search engines, analytics data, hit numbers and other excruciatingly boring stuff, it's my catnip.

I also engage in helpful outreach to institutions and artists as an alternative to conventional promotions.

There are plenty of perfectly outstanding writers aboard but the data gnome function was unfilled and I see endless data to parse, poke and probe.

My Favorites

  1. Balfa Brothers - Play Traditional Cajun Music.
  2. Jeff Platz Quartet with Daniel Carter - Panoramic.
  3. Matthew Shipp Trio - Circular Temple.

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